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Designed for the Egyptian community, Our Sun Program is offering a unique solar saving system that lets you pay the equivalent of your average electricity bill as your solar system installment for a fixed duration of time - its nothing to lose and everything to gain.
Here's an example of one of our favorite projects at Sheikh Zayed in collaboration with EED Design Office which used to pay 2000+ EGP on monthly bills, now it switch to paying approximately the same amount fas installment with our financing partners.

Our installment plans are designed to replace your monthly electricity bills in partnership with our financing partners. With approvals in 24hrs, you get to have one of the easiest financing options for up to 5 years and one of the markets lowest interest rates.


Step One:
Know your options

Step Two:
Choose your financing partner

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Lastly, you get to enjoy saving your electricity bill for years to come with our customized solar system that harness the power of the sun to help save up on electricity bills - this is done by converting DC current from solar modules to AC current using an inverter to be directly fed to the national grid. This process requires a new energy meter (net-meter) and is installed by the electricity company under our agreement.


Step Three:
Save up for years to come

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