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Why wait for tomorrow, when you can save today!

Bringing you the best value for money solar solution in town!


Best for small homes

Entry level solar system saving up to 1,200 EGP on average each month - Required space: 25m2

5 KW


Best for mid-sized homes

For the mid sized homes looking to save up to 1,800 EGP on avg. each month - required space 35m2

8 KW


For today and tomorrow

Best seller solar system designed for the ones looking to save up around 2,200 EGP on average each month from their electricity bills - required space 45m2

10 KW or more

Step one:
Choose your solar system

Step Two:
Make sure you meet the following requirements:

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  1. A valid ID & Ownership proof for the unit is present

  2. Have enough roof space to install our solar systems - starting 25m2

  3. A working three phase electricity meter is present

Household Type?

Thanks for applying!
We’ll get back to you soon.

Step Three:
Apply today to get your detailed offer!

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